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Proc. IAHS, 374, 35-40, 2016
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17 Oct 2016
Rainfall as proxy for evapotranspiration predictions
Bruno Collischonn1 and Walter Collischonn2 1Agencia Nacional de Aguas, Brasilia, 70610-200, Brazil
2Instituto de Pesquisas Hidraulicas, Porto Alegre, 91501-970, Brazil
Abstract. In this work, we evaluated the relationship between evapotranspiration and precipitation, based on the data recently made available by the Brazilian Meteorological Institute. ETP tend to be lower in rainy periods and vice-versa. This relationship was assessed both in physical and statistical ways, identifying the contribution of each explaining variable of ETP. We derived regression equations between monthly rainfall and ETP, which can be useful in studies where ETP time series are not available, such as reservoir design, irrigation management and flow forecast.

Citation: Collischonn, B. and Collischonn, W.: Rainfall as proxy for evapotranspiration predictions, Proc. IAHS, 374, 35-40,, 2016.
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Short summary
Hydrometerologial data in Brazil is becoming increasingly more accessible in recent years, but data gaps still exist in many regions. In our work, we tested some statistical ways to explore the existing data and fill gaps in evaporation estimates, based on the assumption that evaporation and precipitation are inversely related. This could be useful for extending evaporation series into the past, for example for hydropower reservoir planning and flow forecast.
Hydrometerologial data in Brazil is becoming increasingly more accessible in recent years, but...